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Porn sponsors banned again in Esports tournament

Despite efforts by some of the more well known tube pornography websites to legitimise themselves as mainstream companies, Esports organisations are doing their best to push back on that narrative. Following a ban of Youporn’s pro team from the ESL competition, the same has happened with Capcom’s Pro Tour. Although the ESL …

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What happened to YouPorn’s eSports team?

Although Esports is a huge phenomenon in its own right, it really crossed into the mainstream in 2014, especially with the story that YouPorn, the streaming pornography site, had announced its intention to sponsor a DotA 2 team. It found one too, and rebranded them as Team YP, releasing merchandise …

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Youporn Esports team gets pushback from Wargaming.net

YouPorn, yes, the porn site, announced yesterday that it had completed its search for an eSports team to sponsor, settling on Play2Win, which will now have its DotA 2 team branded as Team YP. However not everyone is happy about this, like Wargaming.net’s head of eSports in Europe, Nicolas Passemard …

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YouPorn has found its eSports team

Earlier this year we learned that YouPorn was looking to sign itself an eSports team to compete at professional gaming events. Spain based team, Play2Win managed to bag itself the sponsorship and has since been re-named as Team YP, they will even be making their debut this weekend at a …

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Youporn found a team to sponsor, it’s not yours

One of our most popular stories this year, involved Pornography streaming site owners, Youporn, announcing that it was looking to sponsor an esports team. Unfortunately for the many of you that got in touch, or professed your interest on our Facebook page, it looks like Youporn has found a team. …

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