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How you can support and help KitGuru

I frequently get sent emails and private messages from members of the public asking how they can support KitGuru and help fund our content – which is incidentally still completely free to everyone. We really don’t accept donations from readers via paypal or bank transfer, but there is one thing you can do which would genuinely help us.

If you use an ad blocker, whitelist us. It really is as simple as that.

KitGuru doesn’t host any ads that aren’t hosted on our server system. This means we have complete control over all the advertisements you see – you won’t be bombarded with adverts containing rogue code tracking your every movement. We don’t run ads with audio, we don’t host pop up ads, pop under ads, or advertisements for a casino or gambling site. I get offered a lot of money to do so, but I always turn them down. When I created KitGuru years ago, it was always key to me that the readers have to come first. All those things that annoy you, have annoyed me too.

KitGuru is still the site I wanted to build and its held true to what I wanted – all the years I have been running it. Have you ever read a review or news story on a website to see parts of the text in the article highlighted and underlined? If your mouse pointer hits this text you get a giant popup with links to external sources? That really grates with me. Again, I have turned all those companies down, and they email me almost every week asking if I will trust their external system. No, thanks.

All our ads are directly offered by key partners in the technology industry – companies such as (but not limited to) Seasonic, Corsair, Fractal, Razer, MSI, ASUS, Asrock, Netgear, Kingston, SK hynix, Aquatuning, Gigabyte, Sk Hynix. If you visit KitGuru then it goes without saying that all these partners are directly relevant to you and your daily tech life. You won’t see an advert for a growth pill, dating advice, or how to win big on Chubby’s Casino. I am here for the new technology and we know you are too.

If you have anything you want to say about anything related to KitGuru or have any feedback to offer, just email me at allan(at)kitguru.net. I will do my best to reply to everyone.


Allan ‘Zardon’ Campbell
KitGuru Limited Editor In Chief/Managing Director

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