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Thermaltake issue statement to KG over 4600MHz RAM review

Last week staff writer LEO WALDOCK published a review on the new Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB 4600mhz kit. Several days after the review was published Thermaltake contacted myself to say that they didn't feel the review was fair in places and I told them that they could send us an official statement and I would get Leo to investigate their concerns. That's exactly what we did.

If you missed this review, you can see it over HERE. Leo spent a few days analysing Thermaltake's statement and did some further analysis based on the document they issued KitGuru a few days ago. You can read the Thermaltake statement word for word below the video on this page.


00:00 Video Start
00:13 What’s all this about then?
00:56 Steve Burke casts an eye over this
01:07 Thermaltakes statement – their complaints to KitGuru. We talk to Gigabyte about QVL
02:32 QVL discussion
03:33 Thermaltake didn’t actually complain about our performance results however?
03:51 The second part of Thermaltake’s statement to Kitguru
04:14 A previous KitGuru review on the RGB quality – involving KitGuru’s Luke Hill
06:35 Leo replies
06:52 We verify with another board ON the QVL list
08:25 But what about on AMD X570? Frequency/Timings / Dividers?
10:57 Failures and more detailed RGB testing with Thermaltake memory and competitors.
14:04 One of the Thermaltake modules damaged during X570 4600mhz testing!
14:58 Mmmm – 3 pieces of software ?
17:24 Leos closing thoughts

Thermaltake UK sent us the following statement, which we have copied verbatim below.


Thermaltake Toughram RGB 4600MHZ statement


Thermaltake emphasises the huge 4600MHz clock speed of this Toughram RGB memory with claims of ‘outstanding gaming performance’, however we have to disagree as this is not borne out by our testing.


  • The Thermaltake Toughram was tested on the Motherboard Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master BIOS f6
  • After checking the memory QVL list for the motherboard used in the review our 4600mhz Toughram is not listed as tested for this motherboard.
  • All other manufacturers’ memory used in the review testing have been tested by Gigabyte and approved.
  • Our Toughram has been tested by Asrock, Asus, MSI and is on their approved QVL list for Ryzen /Intel Z490 motherboards
  • Gigabyte do have our 3600mhz Toughram approved on their QVL list for the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master BIOS f6

RGB Lighting

Thermaltake’s other claim is that ToughRAM RGB delivers ‘stunning RGB lighting’ and here again we have to disagree. We have seen a number of Thermaltake products with impressive RGB but to our eyes, the lighting in this DDR4 kit is merely average.

Statement: – This is to Kitguru’s opinion at the time of the review, The Toughram RGB 3600mhz review was stated that the RGB was

  • Excellent RGB lighting aesthetics.
  • Good lighting control modes.
  • Plenty of support for RGB lighting software sync – Thermaltake’s own, Razer’s, and motherboard vendors’.

The RGB LED has not changed since the Toughram 3600mhz review that was done by Kitguru in October 2019.

Thermaltake UK

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