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XFX competition winners announced

We have already had some astonishing prizes at KitGuru, but this was probably one of our best yet. Our good friends at XFX are giving away four fantastic prizes to KitGuru readers. Four lucky readers are going to be playing with some sexy new hardware.

The question was: How many 12v Rails do XFX PSUs have?

The answer was: they have a single rail!

First prize

Is a lightning fast XFX HD6970 Black Edition graphics card.

KitGuru reviewed this card on February 13th and it walked away with our ‘Worth Buying' Award, scoring 8 points out of a possible 10. The XFX HD6970 Black Edition is preoverclocked, running at 925mhz core (from 880mhz reference) and the GDDR5 memory is also increased to 1425mhz (5.7GBps effective) from 1375mhz (5.5Gbps effective) on the reference board.

This is going to Jeffrey Evans, be sure to check your email Jeffrey!

Second prize

Is a very sexy XFX HD6950 XXX graphics card.

KitGuru reviewed this card on February 16th and it earned the ‘Must Have' award, scoring 9 point out of a possible 10. When compared against the reference edition, the XFX HD6950 XXX is supplied with a 30mhz core clock increase, from 800mhz to 830mhz. GDDR5 memory is also enhanced from 5.0Gbps to 5.2Gbps.

This prize is going to Jonathan Austin, be sure to check your email Jon!

Third and fourth prize

Lastly, we have two power supplies to give away

The XFX Pro Series 450w and 550W power supply.

Kitguru reviewed these on February 28th. These products won our ‘Worth Buying award' scoring 8.5 out of 10 points. Both supplies are 80 Plus Bronze Certified units with rated efficiency of 85%, meaning that only 15% of the power drawn from the outlet is lost. XFX are also keen to highlight that some manufacturers are misleading the public with dubious, inflated wattage ratings.

XFX power supplies are very high quality indeed and we urge our readers to head over to their Power supply homepage to read more about the products. You can also buy any of their extensive range over here at Overclockers.

These prizes were won by Calvin Smyth and Rolf Dang, check your email guys, you got mail!

If you didn't win, don't be too depressed about it, we have a stunning prize up for grabs now in the shape of an AMD HD6990 graphics card ! Keep checking back on KitGuru for more great prizes, we are always giving away freebies.

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