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Leo Says Ep 26: Is Overclocking dead? 7nm Fiasco, Nvidia RTX, EPYC Copies in China

Our grumpy hero is back, and in today’s episode Leo has a lot of questions on his mind. He philosophically ponders the state of overclocking – what even is overclocking these days? – while he also discusses the news that Global Foundries has stopped its 7nm development, with AMD switching to TSMC. There’s also some drama about Nvidia’s RTX cards and how they will be distributed to the press, while we also look at the news out of IFA 2018.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

01:01 What is overclocking in 2018?
06:27 Intel ‘9th Gen’ and Z390 due in October
07:49 AMD has come up with a scheme to produce EPYC for sale within China
09:20 SMIC is working to improve its 28nm process and to develop 14nm
10:48 Global Foundries has stopped 7nm development.
14:28 NVIDIA Controls AIB Launch and Driver Distribution?
18:50 Samsung shows off Q900R consumer 8K TVs

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