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WaveMaster Two White Stereo Speakers Review

The white version of the Wavemaster Two are very attractively finished and will look great on a desk next to a monitor. The tweeter and woofer cones are black, offering a high contrast appearance.


The right-hand speaker containing the amplifier has a small volume control bottom right with a power LED bottom left.

At the rear of the left side speaker there is an air intake, designed for subwoofer demands. There are also two speaker connections underneath.

The back of the right speaker is a little more interesting as this is the one containing the main amplifier.

Firstly, we have the same pair of speaker connections, which connect the right-hand speaker to the left-hand speaker.


Wavemaster have fitted an Auxiliary AC outlet, which is designed especially for Apples’ Airport Express Adaptor and Airplay system.

There are two main input connections; a single 3.5 mm socket, for plugging in iPods and MP3 players, and two RCA connectors allowing for stereo sound.


At the top of the speaker we also find a bass and treble control, allowing you to make small adjustments to the balance of the speakers. Wavemaster have also added a USB port so you can charge a phone, or even plug in a media source.

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