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Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition Review – a bargain revisit

I never thought I would say it, but the Apple iPad can’t quite do everything as well as I want. I love the iBook store, but the backlit LCD display is hard on the eyes when reading text over many hours. There is certainly a market for Ebook Readers because the E-Ink technology is fantastic, giving a sharpness and stability you just don’t get with a standard panel.

Battery Life is extraordinary because the E-Ink display only needs to draw the image initially, not to keep it displayed on the screen. This means the manufacturers rate their products on Page turns and this one is rated at 7,500. Playing music will sap it faster however we still managed to get a week out of it, when used for playing music and reading books.

Sony haven’t supplied a charger as standard so you need a computer USB port to charge, although we know you can buy a plug socket on ebay for a few quid, which accepts a USB connector. It seems a bit frugal that Sony didn’t supply this with the product as we would assume many people might not always have access to a PC for a charge, especially if away on vacation for many weeks.

Negatively, the screen does give a slight reflection, although after using the iPad it was hardly noticeable and certainly didn’t cause me any issues. It is noticeable however especially after using the latest Kindle.

The build quailty sets the Sony product apart because no corner has been cut – this is built from aluminum, not plastic. The differences are clearly seen (and felt) and we always like to see a manufacturer ensuring that something they build is going to last many years. It is the best built Reader on the market.

When this product was released it was selling for £270, you can now buy it online for £160 inc vat and with free delivery – thats a 40% price reduction in a year. If you waited a while before buying an e-reader then we can see no better time … unless of course you are waiting for stock of the Amazon Kindle 3. Kitguru will have a hands on with this device in the near future.

KitGuru says: If you haven’t tried an E-Ink display and love books, then head over to your local dealer and get a hands on demo, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the stunning display quality.

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Rating: 8.5.

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