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ASUS Cerberus gaming headset

Rating: 8.5.

While ASUS might be more well known for motherboards than peripherals, that doesn't mean their headsets aren't worthy of consideration and today we look at one of their latest models. It's called the ASUS Cerberus, and with a peripheral named after the three headed, dog guardian of Hades our interest is certainly piqued.

The packaging for the ASUS Cerberus isn't the most elaborate we have seen, but it's functional and you get a good clear look at the product, which should at least tell you that ASUS is confident in the design and appearance.

Various features and specifications are listed on the back, breaking down some of the plus points you can read just above.


  • Large 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers deliver unrivaled punch and ultimate immersion.
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation® 4 and smart devices for gaming and mobile fun.
  • Dual-microphone design: detachable boom mic for clear in-game communication and an in-line mic for on-the-go chat.
  • Comfortable 100mm full-size cushions offer great noise isolation for undisturbed gaming and music enjoyment.

This headset ships with a manual and warranty sheet like most peripherals, but the Cerberus' ones are very thick as they are multi-language.


The only other ‘accessories' are the mic boom, a small converter cable for some smartphones and a 3.5mm extension cable.

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  1. I think this looks to be one of the better £50 headsets on the market, looking at the build quality alone. I have had three headsets fall apart in a couple of months. Perhaps I am heavy handed but you would think they would be built for a younger, less careful audience. ordering a set this weekend.

  2. I brought it and I was disapointed.
    Usually most headphone manufacturers for some reason stop around 50mm and rarely go up to 60mm due to shake or distortions. Asus went for 60mm, it could’ve possibly meant that they solved the shake or distortion problem; whilst achieving a higher bass?… seemed to good to be true.
    I was expecting the bass to be atleast better than my mid-end AKGs, due to the large 60mm diameter magnets… but it wasn’t.
    It was more like Sony’s low-end headphone type extra bass with added surround effect.
    I do not know if it was faulty, or if my ears are too different (I can hear range upto 22khz) but my first expirence of it was terrible.
    The Asus Cerberus bass would overshadow my musics on PC and Mobile but in a few games… it was’nt noticible.
    The musics and sound effects wasn’t as clear as I expected for the price, considering TDKs 57mm that provided much better sound clearity at low-end price but still lacks the bass and mics.
    I had to set my Asus sound card with 7.1 dolby headphone mode with hall / larger room effect, then adjust mid tones with equalizer to achieve good sound clearity.
    This also makes the sounds appear outside the display, and quite imbalanced and requires personal positional tuning after that.

    Tip: If your going for these headsets then make sure you get thier sound card.

  3. Please remove my above comment.
    I was able to get better clearity with Asus Cerberus on equalizer than the TDK 57mm and AKG mid-ends.
    The bass at 30-60hz was overshadowing the mid-high tones.
    Problem resolved but for mobile, a equalizer is still required.
    Thanks for review.

  4. very helpful i’m gonna buy it sooner for watching movies…. i need in line volume control …. i dunno y big brand like akg ……..sennheiser …….. sony …………… don’t come up with in line volume control feature……..

  5. this headphone is not worth than 25 dollar yesterday i bought it around 55 dollar in pakistan 5700 rupees but my previous A4 Tech HS-780 BASS +- Headset has crisp and clear sound than this asus cerberus and cost only 1190 compare to 5700 rupees …………….. asus should stick to motherboard making hed set is not thier cup of tea …… very bad experience

  6. I agree. I have the SteelSeries Siberia and Turtle Beach PX11 before this, this is the worst headphone out of the 3. The bass is super boosted with high and mid sound very muffled. Not recommended.