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Oculus is setting a ‘high quality bar’ for games on Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest was officially unveiled last year with plans to launch at some point in 2019. Unlike the Oculus Rift or the Oculus Go, Quest is designed to be the ‘console' of VR, providing an all-in-one solution that can run games that would typically require a PC. As you might expect, Oculus does have some quality guidelines in place before a game can appear on Quest.

The Oculus Quest is a wireless, all-in-one headset, meaning it doesn't tether to a PC like the Rift does. The display is also higher resolution compared to the Rift, offering 1660×1440 per eye. So far, a few Rift games have been confirmed for the Quest, including SUPERHOT, Robo Recall, The Climb and even a new Star Wars game.

Given the hardware restraints here, Oculus has its own quality guidelines in place. In a recent post going over the steps required to publish on the Oculus Quest store, Oculus's Chris Pruett explained that the company has “set a high bar for content quality on Quest, higher than we've enforced before”.

This is of course in an effort to build a platform where Quest owners can be confident in quality and be more likely to try out new games. This in turn, should help the developers shipping on Quest generate more sales.

Oculus will be reviewing games for Quest much earlier on in the development phase to get an idea of whether or not it will be successful. Developers that do submit for an early review will get access to Oculus's own resources and support teams to help get the game running as best as possible.

This new submission system is only for Oculus Quest, as the Snapdragon processor powering the headset can only provide so much. This means that there will inevitably be some games that are never available on Quest, but Oculus seems to be starting off with a pretty good base to build from.

KitGuru Says: I'm going to be sticking with my Rift for the time being but Quest does sound interesting. Still, we'll have to wait and see what the third-party game output ends up being like. Are any of you thinking about jumping into VR this year at all?

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