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Star Wars Tie Advanced X1 Battle Drone (unboxing)

Today we take a look at something rather unusual for KitGuru – a close up unboxing of a new Drone by company Propel. Propel have been one of the few companies lucky enough to snag a Star Wars license. Their goal was to create a series of battle drones based around the Star Wars theme. We are fortunate enough to get our hands on the Tie Advanced X1 Battle Drone battle drone today and we wanted to share the unboxing experience.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 1080p60 HERE

Propel sell three of these right now and they ship in glorious hand crafted collector boxes which I go into some detail to show in my video above. They also sell the 74-Z Speeder Bike and the T-65 X-Wing StarFighter versions. You can see the home page for all three Battle Drones over HERE.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise too much for you and go into details on the unboxing experience, so please watch the video above! If you are interested you can buy the Tie Advanced X1 Battle Drone for £199.99 over HERE. Demand has been high so you might need to be patient to source stock in the United Kingdom. We have been told they are also available at Maplins, Currys, Argos, Disney Store and Hamleys this year.

These are no ordinary Drones however, they accelerate to speeds of 35 mph in less than three seconds and a ‘unique fight control algorithm’ enables special manoeuvres that mimic Star Wars flight patterns, such as forward moving corkscrew rolls and innovative reverse propulsion technology means that the ships can fly in the most lifelike way. I will be publishing my ‘action’ video very soon – for now you have to make do with the unboxing experience.

KitGuru says: If you liked the unboxing, wait until you see our Battle Drone in action. Luke Skywalker look out!

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  • Lelisevis

    First post Dale?

  • Lucas

    Take my money!

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    Disney ruined Star Wars.

  • naffgeek

    I take it your being sarcastic because prequels vs Force and Rogue!!!

  • Chaotic Entropy

    The prequels set a pretty low bar, t’is true. As long as they leave out the campy punning of C3P0 and no more “kooky” alien comic relief then I’m happy. Be my guest, Disney.

  • Chaotic Entropy

    George Lucas ruined Star Wars, Disney is rooting amongst the debris.

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    It was not ruined for me. I repurchased the prequels once I heard Disney snatched up SW. I now feel good knowing that the true SW (before Disney makes changes or remakes it like they do all of their titles) are in my hands. Now I need to search for the original Phantom Menace DVD before Lucas made changes. I forget that was changed around…

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    Disney’s “Star Wars” is a no contest for any of Lucas’s films. Disney can barely compete with Attack of the Clones.

  • Chaotic Entropy

    Yeah… the irony of your statement is not lost…

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    I just download Rogue One. I will watch and see what’s up. Before it came and and skimming though it, it seems like what I expect – a film trying to be SW but does not know how. There are also way too many British people as well.