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MSI DS502 Gaming Headset Review

MSI Front Box MSI Back Box

The MSI DS502 ships in a nicely adorned box. You get a good look at the product on the front and back, with several key features listed out, including 7.1 virtual surround sound, in-line controls and 40mm audio drivers.

MSI Full View  MSI Headband

As you can see, MSI has opted for a self-adjusting headband for this headset, this should make it more comfortable for people of varying head-sizes to wear as the band will relieve a lot of the clamping pressure.

MSI Headset Side View

Overall, it is an attractive looking headset. It sticks with MSI’s traditional red + black colour scheme and once plugged in, you will notice the dragon logo glowing red behind the grills on the ear cups – which I thought was a neat touch.

MSI Ear Cup MSI Close Up

The ear cups are fixed in place, so there is no swivel or tilt here. However, they do look nicely padded, which should help stop fatigue during long gaming sessions.

MSI in-line MSI USB

Finally, there is an in-line control wheel that allows you to make adjustments to the headset and microphone volume. The whole headset is powered by a single USB port.

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