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MSI DS502 Gaming Headset Review

When it comes down to it, the MSI DS502 is a decent enough gaming headset. It certainly wins points for style and comfort but you aren’t going to be blown away by the sound quality.

If the goal is simply to game and communicate with your team/friends over VOIP then the DS502 packs everything you could want in a mid-range headset. At regular listening volumes, audio detail is very good, though bass response is a little flat. The microphone on this headset is pretty good and worth noting.

If you raise the volume too high then this headset does start to enter shaky territory, bass loses focus and there is an overall loss in detail. This isn’t specific to the DS502 though, a lot of mid-range gaming headsets are exactly the same – so you will need to spend more cash to get higher grade sound quality.

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MSI has also done a great job with the design of the DS502. While it is closed back, I didn’t find my ears getting too hot after long gaming sessions and the self-adjusting headband saved me from any fatigue due to clamping pressure.

The DS502 is a solid, mid-range headset and it is priced as such. While availability is limited in the UK right now, the RRP is £49.99. At this price, it is a safe option to put your money on, if you can actually find one anywhere.

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  • Good microphone.
  • Gaming performance is fine.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods.


  • Won’t blow the competition away.
  • Software is crammed with gimmicky features.

KitGuru Says: The MSI DS502 is a solid, mid-range offering. It won’t blow the competition away but it is designed well and comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. It is definitely worth buying.

worth buying

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Rating: 8.0.

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