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QNAP TS 219P II Turbo NAS Review

The QNAP: TS-219P II Turbo NAS arrives in a stylish, clean box with the product highlighted on the right, and a list of specifications on the left.

The bundle contains a CAT Cable, power adapter, software disc, literature on the product and several packs of mounting screws for the hard drives.

The QNAP TS 219P II is a stylish looking unit, and follows a traditional vertical appearance, with two drive bays. The front of the NAS system has a power and back up button, as well as a USB port. There are several LED readout lights above these to indicate drive and networking activity.

The one touch backup button deserves mention because it can be used to copy data from flash cards quickly onto the hard drives without any PC access.

There are two more USB ports on the rear, all of which are USB 2 standard. They all support USB mass storage devices, wifi adapters and memory card readers. There is a 70mm fan at the right hand side and a gigabit lan connector close by, underneath two eSATA ports.

To get access to the internals, we need to remove the two bays, then two screws. The chassis slides apart as can be seen above.

The drive bay can be removed by removing four more screws and carefully separating the daughter card from the main motherboard underneath.

The blue motherboard is attached to a metal plate which rests vertically. On board is the 2GHZ Marvel Kirkwood processor and 512MB of DDR3 memory. The 70mm fan supplies enough airflow to help cool all the components. The CPU is passively cooled.

The two drive bays are made from tough plastic, with a moveable front locking mechanism.

The drives are secured from underneath with four screws for each drive. The bays can also hold 2.5 inch drives natively. The holes are marked clearly as shown above.

When both drives are fitted, they slide and lock into place, as can be seen above.

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  1. Excellent, good price too. you could load this out with 2TB for £400 all in.

  2. I always liked QNAP. good to see a review here. They are facing tougher competition from synology this year, but its tight.

    competition is good for all.

  3. It always amazes me when I see performance like this at such a low price. Our business had several NAS systems made years ago and they were much slower than this. cost a fortune too.

    This market is growing so quickly. good time to buy.

  4. Excellent, was beginning to think this site was owned by Synology.

  5. I’m curious if one can build cheaper using some atom based miniITX system?
    I mean than you’ll have practically PC that can do bit more than just hosting and sharing files… also point will be the power consumption…