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QNAP TS 219P II Turbo NAS Review

QNAP have many years experience in the NAS industry and the TS 219P II Turbo NAS is certainly a fine showcase product. Their user interface software is refined, sophisticated and intuitive. There is never a time when I was thinking that something was missing, or placed within the wrong menu.

Their software development is mirrored by frequent firmware updates. This is a company who have a similar operating regime in place when compared directly against Synology – they update, and update often. Fixing bug issues, enhancing performance and user interface responsiveness are their primary goals.

We feel that Synology have a slight edge in regards to their latest multitasking software implementation, but we have no concerns with QNAP in this area either.

While the software aspect of this product is superb, we were also impressed with the performance of the TS 219P II. 106 MB/s in our sequential read test is a very impressive result, especially when factoring in the very modest asking price of £286.58 inc vat. The 2GHZ Marvel KirkWood processor is extremely capable and QNAP include a generous 512MB of DDR3 memory, ensuring that the system is responsive at all times.

Build quality is excellent, and while many parts are not metal, this is to be expected within the sub £300 sector. The small 70mm fan may raise a few eyebrows, but in reality it is actually quiet and can be fine tuned via the user interface.

The QNAP TS 219P II faces some stiff competition from Synology in this sector, especially from the DS211+. That said, we feel both products are very closely matched and I would find it difficult to pick a winner. Both make a fantastic choice for the home, or even a small office environment.


  • very strong large file performance
  • quiet
  • fantastic user interface


  • A larger fan might be a better choice for QNAP in the future.
  • USB 3.0 port would be nice.

Kitguru says: One of the best NAS systems under £300.

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Rating: 9.0.

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  1. Excellent, good price too. you could load this out with 2TB for £400 all in.

  2. I always liked QNAP. good to see a review here. They are facing tougher competition from synology this year, but its tight.

    competition is good for all.

  3. It always amazes me when I see performance like this at such a low price. Our business had several NAS systems made years ago and they were much slower than this. cost a fortune too.

    This market is growing so quickly. good time to buy.

  4. Excellent, was beginning to think this site was owned by Synology.

  5. I’m curious if one can build cheaper using some atom based miniITX system?
    I mean than you’ll have practically PC that can do bit more than just hosting and sharing files… also point will be the power consumption…