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QNAP TS 219P II Turbo NAS Review

QNAP supply a finder program to locate the NAS system on a network. This allows for easy configuration and firmware updating.

The firmware on the optical disc may be the first place to look, but we recommend checking the QNAP site as they update their devices regularly. We found a firmware update several revisions ahead of the one supplied with the disc.

QNAP have a fantastic installation system, which guides the user through all the basic configuration requirements. These can be changed later via individual panels in the main interface system, but for an inexperienced user, this is priceless.

QNAP use a very high tech style interface, and one I always liked. Nice to see it hasn't changed that much.

QNAP have clearly spent a long time working out the user interface and it shows. All of the main panels on the right are accessed via cleanly organised sub menus on the far left. A little like Windows Explorer.

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  1. Excellent, good price too. you could load this out with 2TB for £400 all in.

  2. I always liked QNAP. good to see a review here. They are facing tougher competition from synology this year, but its tight.

    competition is good for all.

  3. It always amazes me when I see performance like this at such a low price. Our business had several NAS systems made years ago and they were much slower than this. cost a fortune too.

    This market is growing so quickly. good time to buy.

  4. Excellent, was beginning to think this site was owned by Synology.

  5. I’m curious if one can build cheaper using some atom based miniITX system?
    I mean than you’ll have practically PC that can do bit more than just hosting and sharing files… also point will be the power consumption…