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Sasa Marinkovic from AMD speaks exclusively with KitGuru

When AMD announced its takeover of ATi in the summer of 2006, the market was treated to a steady stream of announcements about how the bringing together of the CPU and GPU would lead to a better future all round. The reality is that ‘the future' proved a lot more complicated to define and it took longer than AMD expected for the new, integrated products to begin production.

That said, from time KitGuru brought the world its first review of AMD's APU technology, the technology has been evolving very quickly.

We wondered what role Sasa actually has within AMD?
“My role as Technology Marketing lead for the Client Business Unit is to help people understand what HSA is and how it works. Our engineering team did an amazing job designing this revolutionary architecture. But talking about it can get very technical. I needed to tell the story to our consumer audience in the way that was going to be understandable, credible and that will enable people to create a whole new way of doing things i.e. to put it succinctly, be interesting, imaginable and inspiring. With hUMA, hQ and Compute Cores I think we were able to connect with people on a technical level and helped evolve their understanding of the processor architecture from a traditional to a modern one”.

If it all works, how would Sasa like Kaveri to be remembered?
“As the Processor that reinvented the Processor. The Modern Processor Era should be counted starting Jan 14, 2014 at 14:00 hours Central European Time”.

Finally, is there anything we might have missed?
“Yes. Kaveri is more than meets the eye. I am confident people will be thrilled when they see the full benefits of accelerated applications, Mantle performance gains and even some overclocking potential. It is a product that I expect will keep giving and giving as the time passes by”.

Beauty and brawn, but do they mean Sasa or the APU?
Beauty and brawn, but do they mean Sasa or the APU?


KitGuru says: We thank Sasa Marinkovic for taking the time to speak exclusively with KitGuru about AMD's new Kaveri technology and the kind of world that the chip giant will be hoping arrives in 2014. One where there is a greater need to combine higher image quality with increased performance and lower power consumption – all at the same time.  

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