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Nvidia clamps down on promo game codes to stop you selling them on

Nvidia has been known to offer some decent game bundles with its graphics cards from time to time. However, often those promotional game keys can end up for sale somewhere like eBay or G2A. Nvidia is well aware of this, which is why going forward, the company will be tying promotional copies of games to specific graphics card purchases to stop the selling of keys.

Previously, retailers would be sent the game codes to then forward on to customers buying eligible graphics cards, those codes would then be redeemed on Nvidia's website, which would give you a code to redeem on uPlay, Steam or Origin. This gave GPU buyers the chance to either pass a spare key on to a friend or sell it on.

Going forward though, users will now need to redeem codes via the GeForce Experience application, which will link directly to your Steam or uPlay account. This means you won't actually see your game code yourself, so you won't get the chance to copy it and send it to someone else.

This follows on from Nvidia's Gears of War 4 promotion late last year, during which Microsoft revoked a bunch of keys. This new change also arrives just in time for Nvidia's new promotion with Ubisoft, in which GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 buyers can claim a free copy of For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands. 

KitGuru Says: I've never sold a promotional game key myself but I have passed them on to friends to redeem from time to time. Hopefully there will still be a way to pass on a free game to a friend if you don't want or need it yourself but for now, we are still a little light on details when it comes to exactly how this new system works in practise. 

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