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There is now an unofficial KitGuru app for iOS

We have a pretty strong community of readers here at KitGuru, although there is one thing that we are consistently asked for- an application for smartphones. Well, one of you guys decided to make it happen, so now there is an unofficial KitGuru app for iOS.

This offering was made by Dom Bryan, the app is currently in version 1.0, so there may be some bugs floating around and some features yet to be added but if you’ve been looking for a way to read the site easier on iOS, then this is it.

KitGuru iOS 2  KitGuru iOS iOS 3

If you are an Android user, then there is also an unofficial Android app, which launched late last year, built by Shane Hastings, who has also developed several other apps for smartphones.

The iOS KitGuru app is currently only available for iPhones and has not yet been made available on iPad. You can check out the unofficial KitGuru iOS app on iTunes, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: We don’t have any official mobile apps for you guys just yet, but these two readers have done a pretty good job themselves. Let us know what you think over on our Facebook page. 

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