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A Days Gone sequel may still happen

Sony recently disappointed a large number of PlayStation players following a report by Bloomberg which claimed that the console manufacturer cancelled a Days Gone sequel that was pitched by developers at Sony Bend. While disappointing for fans of the open-world zombie title, it seems not all hope is lost, at least according to the game’s Director.

Jeff Ross, the Director for the first Days Gone game recently took part in an interview in the wake of the report that a Days Gone sequel wouldn't be happening. Following a comment by the interviewer, discussing the disappointing nature of the recent report (and also alluding to the cancellation of Days Gone 2), Ross offered a glimmer of hope, saying “Never say never to anything, it's just…maybe not right now.”

Days Gone 2 released in 2019 to a mixed reception. Coming from a relatively small studio, this first party title offered an expansive open world with massive swarms of zombies. The game was praised in some aspects, but was also criticised for its general lack of polish. However, since then, Sony Bend worked hard on improving the game’s buggier aspects, making the experience an enjoyable one if played today.

The game’s ending alludes to the fact that there is much more to tell, and so for those that enjoyed Days Gone, its reported cancellation was disappointing. Still, as mentioned by Ross, not all hope is lost, and with the game set to arrive on PC at some point this Spring, the renewed interest in this title may convince Sony to greenlight a sequel. We will have to wait and see.

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KitGuru says: What did you think of Days Gone? Were you disappointed by the news of the sequel’s cancellation? What would you want to see from a Days Gone 2? Let us know down below.

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