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Cuphead comes to PlayStation 4

Though the developers previously stated that it would never happen, the much-loved (previously Xbox-exclusive) boss rush bullet-hell shooter Cuphead has been officially announced for PlayStation 4. What's more, the game is available to purchase and download right now on the system.

In a Twitter post, StudioMDHR announced that “Surprise!! Cuphead is coming to PlayStation 4 … TODAY! That's right: you'll be able purchase the game starting today on the PlayStation Store. While you're here, please enjoy our brand new stop motion animated launch trailer!”

Previously, StudioMDHR claimed that Cuphead would never come to Sony’s console, with StudioMDHR's Director of Experience, Ryan Moldenhauer, saying “It's 100 percent true. Cuphead is a console exclusive for Xbox One. There will be no PS4 version”. The surprise release of Cuphead is therefore a welcome one.

This isn’t the first time that Cuphead has expanded beyond its initial release. Back in April 2019, the bullet hell shooter found its way onto the Nintendo Switch – though Microsoft also released Ori and the Blind Forest on the portable hybrid system later that year, so its release was much less of a surprise.

While system-exclusive titles do have their own merits and understandable justifications, it’s always a welcome surprise whenever a previously exclusive title is released to other systems – allowing more people to experience as many great video games as possible.

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KitGuru says: Are you glad to see Cuphead come to PlayStation? What other Xbox exclusives would you like to see make the jump? Likewise, what PS4 games would you like on Xbox? Let us know down below.

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