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PlayStation’s massive Halloween sale is now live

PlayStation is continuing its yearly tradition of offering deep discounts around Halloween time, ensuring that you get your spook on this October.

The PlayStation store has maintained an ever evolving rotation of deals to reward its users who choose to purchase games digitally. The store is currently hosting a Halloween sale, with almost 200 games being on offer.

Notable games include Devil May Cry 5; a bombastic and over the top action-adventure hack and slash, with a rocking soundtrack, available for £24.99 (44% off)Resident Evil 2, the remake of the classic PS1 horror game, released this January to stellar reviews. It is also available for £24.99 (44% off)If you’re looking for some co-op, zombie shooting fun, World War Z is on sale for £15.99 (54% off).

ID Software’s Doom 2016 reboot is still one of the most satisfying shooters available, likely to only be outdone by its sequel, Doom Eternal, arriving in 2020. Until then, this certified “PlayStation Hit” can be had for only £4.99 (68% off)Another “PlayStation Hit”, Shinji Mikami’s (of Resident Evil fame) The Evil Within is also available for only £4.99 (68% off).

Looking at more indie horror experiences, Little Nightmares, a puzzle platformer which looks like a cross between LIMBO and Coraline, is only £3.99 (75% off)While technically an indie game, Outlast hit the world by storm when it was released back in 2013. This first person survival horror helped reinvigorate the horror genre in gaming, inspiring many other developers to follow suit. The game is available for £3.29 (78% off) and its Whistleblower DLC can be had for just £1.69 (77% off).

Lastly, while it may not be considered a horror game, PlayStation is offering Life is Strange, and its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition for a combined total of less than £10. These choice-based narrative experiences are heavily inspired by Twin Peaks, and while it may not be overtly scary to begin with, it gets dark!

These are just a few notable standouts, but make sure to go through the full list to see if anything else catches your eye. As previously mentioned, there are almost 200 games on sale, so you will undoubtedly find something worth buying. The sale ends on the 1st of November, so check it out while you can.

KitGuru says: Which games will you be picking up? Are there any major ones that we missed? Do you buy digital games, or are you a physical-only person? Let us know down below.

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