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Good on Camera? – want to earn money for reviewing hardware?

KitGuru is on the hunt for new talent as we expand into 2019. If you feel you are good on camera and want to get paid well for reviewing hardware then I want to hear from you. A wide knowledge of PC hardware is of course very important to be considered for this position. Ideally we would like the candidate to reside in the United Kingdom, but if we can find the right person, we can likely work with a European location. Unfortunately other global locations are logistically very difficult.

Before applying for this position, please read the following because previously we have ended up with a lot of unsuitable emails – so reading this post properly will save you (and me) some time.

Please be aware that we have a YouTube channel already called KitGuruTech – and there are plenty of samples of our work already published. If you have been creating videos now for a long time and your style is very different to what we already publish on our channel, then it is likely you wouldn't be a good fit.

Equally so if you already run a YouTube channel and want to earn more money producing videos for us, we are fine with that. This is not an exclusive position and you are able to produce content for your own channel (although any content we pay for, is exclusively ours). It is important to point out that while the successful candidate(s) will be able to present well on camera – we do really need a reviewer with solid technical knowledge – not just a presenter.

You will be doing this from the comfort of your own home or office – this means you will need room to set up. If you operate from a tiny box bedroom it is very unlikely this will work. Check out KitGuruTech on YouTube to see how we present our reviews. If you own your own lights and camera equipment this is certainly welcomed.

I would request that you include links in the email to videos you have created which you feel showcase your talents for KitGuru. If you can write well, then this will definitely be a bonus – feel free to send me some samples of your written work.

Please note I do not want to see sample videos for this position with shots of pizza boxes, beds, clothes or pets and random objects in the frame – we have to hit a high standard. If you have never done this before and feel you can meet the criteria above, then pick an item such as a mouse, laptop or keyboard that you already own, and review it – keep the video link private and let me see it. The better the video the more chance you have of me replying to get more information.

If you are interested in earning money to join our team then send an email to allan(at)kitguru.net with subject line ‘YouTube reviewer'. We do pay well, but we have high standards to hit. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Allan ‘Zardon' Campbell
KitGuru Ltd Managing Director and Editor In Chief.

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