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ACC 1475 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
The OCZ CoreXstream 500W is designed for an entry level system, being priced at only £32.99 inc vat. We have never tested one of these power supplies before, so we were interested to see how it would handle.
ACC 1477 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply RoundupACC 1479 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
Inside the box there is a regional specific power cable, a little user manual and some mounting screws. The power supply itself is protected inside a soft bubblewrap bag. This is not a modular power supply, although at this price it is hardly to be expected.
ACC 1481 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
First impressions point to just how light this power supply is, it is featherweight and quite nicely finished considering. The paint work is not too deep however so it does scratch quite easily. It measures 150 x 140 x 86 mm.
ACC 1485 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
All of the cables are hardwired into the chassis, not all of them are sleeved either.
ACC 1486 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
A large 120mm fan is hidden behind the black grill. We will look at this shortly when we crack open the chassis.
ACC 1488 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
The other side shows that this power supply is set at 230V. There is a vent here to help cooling and a power connector and switch at the side.
ACC 1489 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup

OCZ CoreXstream 500W
DC Output
+12V1 / +12V2
Max Output
25A / 20A
Total Power 120W 444W 3.6W 12.5W

The OCZ CoreXStream 500W can deliver 444W via the dual +12V1/+12V2 rail.

ACC 1483 DxO 300x199 OCZ Power Supply Roundup
Connectors are: 20+4 pin ATX, 1x 4+4 pin CPU, 1 x PCIe 6-pin, 1 x 6+2-pin PCIe, 2 x 4-pin Peripheral, 4 x SATA, 1 x Floppy.

Not an ideal power supply for a high powered gaming system, with only a single 6+2 pin PCIe cable and a 6 pin PCIe cable hardwired into the unit. Still, for a single HD7870 or HD7950 it should be fine. Only the main motherboard connector is sleeved, so it won’t be the most attractive build either, if you are using a windowed chassis.

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  • Harris

    Good post thanks. My local store has a good deal on the fatality unit, even though I dont need it just yet, ill pick it up

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  • Ben

    I lose track of how many people buy the wrong power supply for their system, even though they have no plans to upgrade for years.

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  • Rt23ds

    PC Power and Cooling are great, I have the same unit as reviewed, but just a smaller size. its been rock solid for a year now.

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