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Cooler Master launches its MM830 gaming mouse with a D-Pad and OLED screen

Cooler Master debuted its M800 Series with the MP860 dual sided RGB mouse pad last year, praised for its customisable lighting and dual Cloth / Aluminium surfaces here at KitGuru. The company is now expanding the series with the introduction of the MM830 gaming mouse, complete with a hidden D-Pad and OLED screen.

On the surface of the durable PBT chassis, the MM830 looks like other contemporary gaming mice from Cooler Master, but that’s exactly the point. Its subtle D-Pad blending into the thumb grip is intended to give the MM830 functions perfectly suited to MMO titles, while retaining the company’s signature style.

“We wanted to offer an MMO mouse that provides a solid thumb grip without having an overabundance of buttons,” said Cooler Master’s Peripheral General Manager Bryant Nguyen. “We took a unique approach by adding this integrated D-pad.”

Taking a leaf from the SteelSeries’ Rival 700, Cooler Master has opted for a 96×64 OLED panel on the MM830. While many will continue to question how often they might look at their mouse while gaming, this allows for programs to display graphics, track APMs, reflect DPI settings and more on-the-fly, as well as the flaunting of colours or clan tags.

Completing the package is a 3360 Pixart optical sensor with 24,000 DPI, Omron switches provide a 20M click reliability and RGB lighting across 4 zones. It’s worth taking into account its rather heavy weight of 162g before purchase.

The Cooler Master MM830 can be purchased for £59.99 here in the UK, €79.99 throughout Europe and $79.99 in the US.

KitGuru Says: Cooler Master is perhaps the first manufacturer to capture the essence of the Mad Catz R.A.T. M.M.O.7, my first true gaming mouse. It remains to be seen just how comfortable the device is, but I’m certainly interested in finding out. How do you feel about the MM830 gaming mouse?

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