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Amazon patent self-destructing fail-safe for its drone service

Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service is still trying to take off, but it seems that the company might have finally quelled customer fears over the vehicle malfunctioning mid-flight. Addressing the safety concerns, Amazon has now been granted a patent for self-destructing drones. Specifically, the paten regards the “direct fragmentation …

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The UK Gambling Commission holds no authority on loot boxes

With the increasing inclusion of loot crates within popular triple-A titles came the concerns over their relation to gambling and subsequent ratings enabling minors to engage in the malicious practice. This has escalated as of late, with Belgium and certain states in the US calling for investigations and potential bans, …

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Microsoft is being sued over the HoloLens


It has been quite some time since Microsoft first unveiled the HoloLens, but it seems that legal troubles are finally starting to follow. A company called HoloTouch has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the HoloLens headset infringes on two of its patents. The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft’s augmented …

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The US DOJ has indicted the HBO hacker

Over the Summer, HBO was hit by a massive cyber attack, during which a ton of data was stolen. This included confidential information on employees, unfinished scripts, emails and full episodes for some of the network’s biggest shows, including Game of Thrones. Now, after plenty of investigating, the US Department …

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Amazon Key exploit allows couriers to re-enter your home

Last month, Amazon announced its unusual new scheme that allows couriers to enter its customer’s homes in order to deliver parcels. While the company managed to quell many security concerns with Amazon Key, it turns out there’s one fatal flaw that could allow the same courier to re-enter your home …

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Piracy-enabled streaming boxes are deemed hazardous

It seems that breaking the law isn’t the only way you can get burned by investing in piracy-enabled streaming boxes. A new study has unsurprisingly found that such devices present fire and electrical safety concerns as well as insufficient instructions of use, installation and maintenance. The results of this study …

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