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A ‘Digital Key’ standard for cars is in the works

Whilst some cars can be unlocked via a smartphone, these models are few and far between and are often very pricey additions. The Car Connectivity Consortium is looking to change this, by creating a standard so that more manufacturers can easily implement a Digital Key system that works no matter …

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Google adds Continued Conversations to Google Home

When you get a smart assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant, it never really stops feeling unnatural to add Ok, Google, or Hey, Alexa before every command. Google is looking to tackle that problem with a new feature for Google Home, known as ‘Continued Conversations’. This feature was a …

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Facebook testing paid subscriptions for private groups

Yesterday we learned that Facebook is planning to further monetise Messenger with auto-playing video ads. Now, we have more details on the social networks future monetisation plans, with Groups set to get subscription fees. Facebook made the announcement in a press release today, with the company claiming that it often …

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Amazon silently kills Mayday Support for Fire Tablets

Five years ago, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos announced ‘Mayday’, a live video calling support service for the company’s own Amazon Fire tablets. The idea was to bring something new to customer support, making assistance quicker and faster. However, it looks like Amazon is now ready to move on, with Mayday …

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Facebook and WhatsApp can once again share data


As the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, waves of companies are updating their policies in accordance. An interesting amendment comes from Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp, which suggests that the two platforms can once again share data after agreeing not to with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s …

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Child monitoring app leaks sensitive data including passwords

Child monitoring application, TeenSafe offers a service that helps parents track their youngsters’ smartphone activity and location, but in an ironic turn of events has had a security blip itself. Due to user information being housed on dodgy Amazon servers, both parents’ and children’s sensitive data has been leaked. TeenSafe …

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