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Computex: Cooler Master unveils a host of new products

Cooler Master has really got things going over at Computex by unveiling a wide variety of new products, including new cases, coolers, fans, peripherals and power supplies. While there are undoubtedly many different things that will interest different readers, the unveiling of new HAF and COSMOS cases is likely to create a lot of excitement amongst old-school PC enthusiasts.

Starting with the new cases, Cooler Master has announced its new MasterCase H500P (formerly the HAF Series) and COSMOS C700P chassis. These are designed to bring the HAF and COSMOS series into the modern age of computing by incorporating glass, acrylic, aluminum, and RGB lighting into the cases. The C700P also sports the classic aluminium handlebars of its predecessors, while users can even remove and rotate the motherboard tray.

Moving on to the new coolers, there is a lot to talk about here. First of all, RGB lighting has come to Cooler Master's coolers, including RGB versions of the MasterLiquid and Hyper 212 Turbo coolers. Following on from that, Cooler Master announced the MasterLiquid Maker 240 – a custom loop kit for beginners. Coming as one big package, consumers will receive soft tubing, magenta red stock coolant, copper fittings and a good-looking water block as part of the new kit. Lastly, Cooler Master has also tweaked its 3DVC (3D vapour chamber) technology to create a monstrous, 3-fan air cooler that also features extended 3DVC piping.

In terms of its peripherals, a lot has been happening here too. The biggest new product is the MasterKeys MK750 keyboard, a flagship mechanical board that sports Cherry MX switches, RGB lighting, a detachable wrist rest as well as a funky RGB LED bar at the front of the board. Elsewhere, two new mice have been introduced: the MasterMouse MM520/MM530. Both are for right-handers and sport Pixart optical sensors. The primary difference between the two is the design, as the MM520 is designed for claw grip users while the MM530 is for palm grip users.

Lastly, Cooler Master has also debuted a range of new power suppliers, including the MGX 700B unit which sports RGB LEDs. Finally, Cooler Master is also working with modders to produce pre-sleeved cable for its MasterWatt line of power supplies.

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KitGuru says: Cooler Master has been very busy celebrating its 25th anniversary by releasing a tonne of new products. Does anything in-particular catch your eye? Personally, I'd love to get hands-on with the MK750 RGB keyboard.

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