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Netflix 4K content starts leaking on to the web

Netflix has had 4K content for a while now. All of its original shows are filmed in ultra HD and it even has a few third-party offerings, like Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, only specific devices have access to 4K streaming on Netflix and that list mostly consists of smart TVs.

This is so that Netflix could use HDCP protection and up until this week, pirates had yet to crack version 2.2 or higher. However, it has finally happened and the first Netflix 4K content is starting to make its way on to the web, starting off with the first episode of Breaking Bad.


The leak comes from a group known as ‘iON', which according to TorrentFreak is a reputable source. Given that this is a 4K video, the file size is pretty huge, coming in at 17.73GB for just one episode of Breaking Bad. Right now, the file is only available on private trackers, though it will likely make its way on to mainstream torrent sites eventually.

The media info for the episode shows that it has a 41.3 Mbps bitrate, so smooth playback may not be achievable on all machines. However, chances are that if you are using a 4K monitor already on your PC, then you have the horsepower to drive it.

As you would expect, Netflix is looking in to the leak and hopes to put a stop to it. Though it hasn't shared any plans to bring Ultra HD streaming functionality to the PC version of Netflix on its own terms just yet.

KitGuru Says: I can't help but think that the easy solution to these leaks would be to just make UHD Netflix available on more devices, like the PC. There are plenty using 4K monitors out there but may not necessarily want a smart TV. Netflix could even limit playback to the Windows app, rather than the web version so that it could enforce better copyright protection. 

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