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AVerMedia Game Capture HD Review

The AVerMedia Game Capture HD ships in a nicely designed black box, which features a mix of in-game content alongside a product picture.

The back of the box shows the features of the device in 12 different languages as well as outlining some of the key selling points in more detail.

While the box is quite large, only half of it is taken up by the product, the rest are cables and other bundled accessories.

AVerMedia have included a quick start guide which is useful to get everything connected and in place for operation.

The company have included a power supply with both UK and European plug types.

The Game Capture HD does not use a HDMI connection, adopting a component cable connector. This thick cable connects to a Plsystation 3, Xbox 360 or a Wii. Technically you could keep all three plugged in (as long as only 1 console was on at any one time) and it would still work.

As the Game Capture HD doesn’t need a computer to store your video content, the company have included a small remote that gives you all the basic options for the device.

While they have included a quick start guide, this only covers the basics of how to set the device up, and as such they have also included a full user manual with more in depth details of how to use the actual device.

Once the signal from the games console has made it to the box, we need the signal to then be sent to the TV, as such there is another component to component cable and a stereo audio cable.

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