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AVerMedia Game Capture HD Review

The Software or User Interface is very simple and doesn’t require any installation as such. Once it is all set-up, you have a simple menu allowing you to view recordings and screenshots.

It’s a shame, but clearly AVerMedia doesn’t want you to use this device as a media server as it will only play its own content.

The file system is simple, but effective. You can even change the view type to list view.

There is also the option of file management, which allows you to copy one or multiple files to an external memory stick, or delete them.

There are a few settings that can be adjusted on this box, namely time, data, power management and video quality.

The best recording quality is ‘optimal’ so we stuck with that for our tests, we would prefer to see how each setting changed the recording set-up (i.e. does it alter frame rate, resolution etc) but this is all hidden from view.

There is also the option to do a firmware upgrade and restore to factory reset.

Finally, there is a simple disk manager, allowing you to format internal and external devices.

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