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Kim Dotcom alleges Clinton email scandal is just getting started

Although there's been a lot of political turmoil in the UK recently, with the U.S. presidential election ramping up, things are getting a little crazy there too. The latest scandal involves an email dump from the Democratic party, specifically relating to collusion with Hilary Clinton and according to Kim Dotcom, we're just getting started.

The email/document dump came from Wikileaks, after months of teasing that it had access to emails between her and the Democratic National Convention, which was so obviously culpable in aiding Clinton since the early days of her campaign, that its chairman has now stood down.

But apparently we're not done. Although Wikileaks is mostly just publicising news surrounding its leak right now, legally embattled internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, has said that there's a lot more to come.

Although Dotcom has been known to be somewhat of a sensationalist and is certainly not one to take 100 per cent at his word, he's worked with both Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Edward Snowden in the past.

He was also once a hacker himself and claims that his old security firm, Data Protect hacked all of their customers. His suggestion is that Clinton's email server may have been hacked by its hosts as some form of insurance policy.

In-case anyone was looking to bring even more legal trouble his way though, Dotcom did back up all these claims by making it clear he had “nothing to do with hacking of [sic] DNC, Clinton Foundation, Clinton financial data or Clinton private email servers.”

In-case we needed any more hints of future data dumps though, Wikileaks too has said that its email release isn't the end of the Clinton exposé.

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KitGuru Says: I wouldn't take what Dotcom says as 100 per cent fact, as he's made some quite outrageous claims in the past. However the Wikileaks data dump hasn't been as impactful as people hoped. The question now is, would waiting to drop a big Clinton bombshell secure the presidency for Donald Trump?

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