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Kim Dotcom alleges Clinton email scandal is just getting started

Although there's been a lot of political turmoil in the UK recently, with the U.S. presidential election ramping up, things are getting a little crazy there too. The latest scandal involves an email dump from the Democratic party, specifically relating to collusion with Hilary Clinton and according to Kim Dotcom, …

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Hacker claims he read Hilary Clinton’s private emails

With the U.S. general election looming later this year, Hilary Clinton's email scandal could end up costing her the presidency, which is why her team is pushing back hard against the idea that alleged hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar hacked her private server. He claims it was easy to access and that …

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Hilary Clinton trolls use Facebook reporting to down Sanders pages

As the American political party nominations build up to a frenzy on the road to the general election in November this year, the tactics of the various politicians and their supporters are turning nasty. Supporters of Hilary Clinton's bid for the democratic nomination abused the Facebook reporting system to have many of …

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