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Game Max Sapphire RGB (w/ Mirror-Finish Tempered Glass) Case Review

All-in-all, I am certainly impressed with the Game Max Sapphire RGB case.

In the past, we have seen a few budget offerings from Game Max, and while they certainly impressed us considering their low price-points, they weren’t exactly going to win any awards for sheer beauty. The Sapphire RGB, however, looks stunning thanks to its three tempered glass side panels. This not just regular tempered-glass, either, as the glass actually has a mirror-finish coating. The effect is incredible and makes for a beautiful case.

Building a system in the Sapphire is also pretty straightforward. There are plenty of cable tie-down points to keep things clean, while the large power supply shroud prevent any unwanted cables from being visible.

However, I do have a couple of issues with the chassis. Firstly, it lacks cable grommets – there are plenty of cable cut-outs but no grommets to cover them, and I think that is slightly poor considering this is a £130+ case.

I would also have preferred to see a removable drive cage, as this opens up more space for those with longer power supplies, while it also allows space for tucking away excess cabling.

The 3 pre-installed RGB fans may appeal to prospective buyers, but I was a bit disappointed with them as well – they are quite dim and do not come close to illuminating the innards of the chassis. These fans do help the Sapphire deliver excellent thermal performance, though, and our graphics card peak temperature of 77 degrees is commendable considering we used an older, Kepler-based card.

As such, we feel the Game Max Sapphire RGB case definitely worth buying. It has the ‘wow-factor’ thanks to the mirror-finish glass panels, and would make for a beautiful system when paired with a couple of bright LED strips. It is not quite perfect, with a couple of niggling issues preventing it from achieving our highest award, but it is still competitive in this price-bracket.

You can buy one for £134.55 inc VAT from CCL Computers HERE.


  • Mirror-finish glass is stunning.
  • Steel chassis feels solid and durable.
  • Plenty of good features to help the building process.
  • 3x 120mm RGB fans included.
  • Fan controller can support up to 6 fans.


  • The drive cage is not removable.
  • Included RGB fans are quite dim and underwhelming.
  • Could do with an extra cable cut-out in the middle of the power supply shroud.
  • Motherboard tray lacks rubber grommets.

KitGuru says: The Game Max Sapphire RGB is visually stunning and provides a pretty easy build process. It does lack rubber grommets and a removable drive cage, though, while the included RGB fans are quite underwhelming.

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Rating: 8.0.

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