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Cougar Solution Chassis Review

Moving to the inside of the case, we can see it is roomy for a Midi tower, and Cougar have opted for a locking mechanism for the 5.25″ bays and 3.5″ bays.

The bottom of the case has two 120mm intake spots, although of course one of these will be for the power supply.

The 5.25″ bays have two locking mechanisms for the 3 bays, and is a very simple system which is fairly similar to several others on the market.

For the 3.5″ bays there are two different locking mechanisms, one designed for Floppy Disk Drives (or card readers) and the other for standard 3.5″ hard drives. There is also space to mount a solid state drive at the bottom of the 3.5″ bays.

The simple locking mechanism is handled by rotating the handle by 90 degrees in either direction, to lock or unlock the drive.

Moving to the back of the case, we can see the bright turbine fan, and the space for two more 120mm fans at the top of the case.

Taking the other side of the case off we can see a decent sized CPU cut-out, and plenty of space for cable routing.

On the other side of the 5.25″ and 3.5″ bays there are no locking devices, but you could still use the old-fashioned technique of screwing in the drives.

Taking the front of the case off, we can look at the bare chassis. At the front, you can now see where the 2x 120mm fans would be mounted, although a Floppy Disk Drive takes one of these positions, if you need it.

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