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Cougar Solution Chassis Review

We installed a Akasa Venom Power 750W Power Supply which was a tight fit.

Next is to install a Solid State Drive, and there are holes at the bottom of the chassis, seen above.

Once screwed in it sits out of sight at the bottom of the 3.5″ bays.

If you still use 3.5″ hard drives, then installing is just a case of twisting the locking mechanism by 90 degrees and then sliding the drive into the bay, and twisting the lock back.

We then installed the Motherboard, CPU and CPU Cooler and as you can see there is plenty of clearance around the motherboard and more especially around the Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler.

We then tidied up the cabling and temporarily put one side panel back on. Cable routing is extremely easy in this case and as such didn’t need to spend much time on it.

From the rear you can see we had plenty of space to route cables to each of the holes around the side of the motherboard tray.

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