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Cougar Solution Chassis Review

Today, to test this chassis we have set our Digital Sound Level Noise Decibel Meter Style 2 one meter away from the case.

We then removed the discrete graphics card, and temporarily turned the two Akasa Venom Voodoo fans off. This leaves us with only the included case fan and very little noise from the power supply fan.

As this can be a little confusing for people, here are various dBa ratings in with real world situations to help describe the various levels.

KitGuru noise guide
10dBA – Normal Breathing/Rustling Leaves
20-25dBA – Whisper
30dBA – High Quality Computer fan
40dBA – A Bubbling Brook, or a Refrigerator
50dBA – Normal Conversation
60dBA – Laughter
70dBA – Vacuum Cleaner or Hairdryer
80dBA – City Traffic or a Garbage Disposal
90dBA – Motorcycle or Lawnmower
100dBA – MP3 player at maximum output
110dBA – Orchestra
120dBA – Front row rock concert/Jet Engine
130dBA – Threshold of Pain
140dBA – Military Jet takeoff/Gunshot (close range)
160dBA – Instant Perforation of eardrum

The acoustical performance of the case is distinctly average, with only a single fan it produced more noise than the Cougar Evolution did with two fans (6 dBa more).

When paired with our Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler at full speed we recorded above 46 dBa, a noise level that is certainly very noticeable in any room.

In closing, we are not impressed with either the thermal or acoustical performance of the case.

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