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Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix AIO CPU Cooler Review

Corsair has introduced a small refresh of its packaging with the Elite Capellix AIO series, the traditional black and yellow theme survives but with the colours inverted on the box and with a change in the shade of yellow compared with the previous RGB Pro XT. On the front is a large image of the cooler, the updated Corsair logo and other series branding, on the rear are specifications and technical drawings of the cooler.

Included inside the packaging of the iCUE H115i Elite Capellix are Two ML140 RGB fans, mounting hardware for all mainstream desktop platforms including sTR4, an additional interchangeable acrylic CPU block top cover, a plastic Allen key as well as a Corsair Commander Core Smart RGB controller, user manual/warranty guide and of course, the cooler itself.

Nothing has changed between the previous RGB Pro XT and the Elite Capellix in terms specification of the ML140 fans, still the same high static pressure design and speed range of 400-2000RPM. The only noticeable difference is the RGB lighting with the Elite Capellix which means the fan blades are an opaque white colour whereas the non-RGB ML140’s used in the RGB Pro XT has fan blades with a grey tint to them.

Mounting hardware is sorted into platform-specific zip lock bags and labelled. AMD upper mounting brackets are protected in the bags with some foam sheeting to ensure the black chrome coating is safeguarded during shipping. Intel platforms use a provided mounting backplate while AMD installation utilises the default AM4 and sTR4 mounting mechanism.

The Commander Core Smart RGB controller bundled with the Elite Capellix cooler allows for RGB customisation and fan/pump speed control using the Corsair iCUE software. The controller can accommodate the connection of up to six Corsair RGB components with six PWM fan connections and temperature monitoring available. The device is powered by SATA and is connected to the motherboard via a USB 2.0 header connection.

Compared against the older RGB Pro XT, the CPU block/pump housing design features sharper angles, an interchangeable acrylic top and just a simple Corsair sail logo. The profile of the new Elite Capellix CPU block is taller than the RGB Pro XT which is a surprise since the Capellix LEDs are much smaller.

Removing the four Allen head screws from the CPU block top cover not only allows the user to swap out the acrylic cover but it also allows the Capellix LED unit to be removed from the block. With further disassembly, the circuit board can be seen and the size of the Capellix LEDs are visible (items on the circuit board marked with a D) they are tiny.

With the alternative acrylic top cover fitted there is a larger clear window for the RGB to illuminate, so users who like the RGB overload will probably use this top cover. However, with the unit powered off the top of the block looks white so this may also attract users with a white system theme.

The radiator is a pretty standard CoolIT affair as used in other recent Corsair AIOs with a satin black coating, a simple Corsair Sail logo on either side and fixed braided tubing. At the base of the CPU block are articulating 90-degree inlet and outlet fittings, a pre-installed Intel upper mounting bracket and a micro skived copper cold plate with a pre-applied thermal compound coating.

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