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Corsair Hydro X Preview – Custom Loop Cooling from Corsair!

CPU Blocks


You have a choice of two CPU blocks that cost £70 with a plastic top or £75 with a cosmetic aluminium top. The XC9 model fits Intel LGA 2066 and AMD TR4 and has 70+ fins on its coper cold plate. The XC7 for LGA115x/AM4 looks almost identical but has 60+ fins on the cold plate. Both blocks are supplied with pre-applied thermal compound and we understand the 0.20-0.25mm fin density is comparable with hardware from the likes of EKWB.

Installation looks straightforward and is clearly based on the mounts that are familiar from AIO coolers. We can see the two G1/4 threads are arranged symmetrically, however there is a jet plate inside the block which means that one port is the intake while the other is an outlet.


Corsair has manufactured the XD5 pump with 100mm reservoir using injection moulding, which requires expensive tooling and results in a product that looks plasticky but which is initially expensive to manufacture. In the longer term we have to assume the Corsair will be able to produce these parts at a lower unit cost.

The pump is a European D5 with a PWM connection that is powered by Molex, which means it falls in the mainstream of custom loop hardware. The Corsair part of the equation is the inclusion of RGB LEDs that connect to a Commander Pro control unit.

Corsair charges a hefty £150 for the XD5, however it is supplied with isolation mounts and also with 120mm/140mm fan mounts. Also included is a temperature sensor that installs in one of the G1/4 ports so you get a decent amount of hardware for your money and have no need to buy any accessories.

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