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Corsair Hydro X Preview – Custom Loop Cooling from Corsair!

Graphics Blocks

Corsair supplied us with an XG7 graphics block for RTX 2080 Founders Edition. This is a copper block that is nickel plated and comes with an aluminium cover and backplate. Corsair is promoting the fact the block includes a flow indicator, which is a novel feature.

Blocks are available for GTX 10-series, RTX 20-series, 2080/2080 Ti Strix and Vega 64 with prices ranging from £135 to £165. Each block is manufactured by CNC machining which means it is quick and easy to make, and the design can be easily adapted to allow Corsair to manufacture variants for after-market graphics cards. As you can see in our video there is a chamber in the block that hides away the RGB hardware and cables.

Radiators, Fittings and Coolant

Corsair makes no secret that it has sourced radiators, fittings and coolant from Hardware Labs Performance Systems, Bitspower International and Mayhems Solutions, respectively. These parts have been extensively tested for compatibility and you should have no problems using other fittings from the likes of Alphacool and EKWB (provided you avoid aluminium parts) and Pastel coolant shouldn't be an issue either.

Radiators by Hardware Labs fall into two groups. The XR5 models are 30mm thick while XR7 are 54mm thick. That thicker size sounds unusual, however it is well established in Hardware Labs’ Nemesis GTR and GTX models. Both 120mm and 140mm units are available with sizes ranging from 120mm/140mm to 480mm/420mm which should keep most people happy. Prices start at £40 and top out at £130 which looks absolutely fine.

XF Series brass fittings by Bitspower are available in three types; 10/13mm soft line, 12mm OD hard line and 14mm OD hard line in white, grey, gold and black. Add in speciality fittings (45 degree, 90 degree, Y splitter, fill port and ball valve) and you have quite a few permutations to play with, although it is clear Corsair could increase the size of the product range without difficulty.

XT Tubing comes in three sizes to match the fittings. The is a single size of soft line PVC tubing which is 10/13mm, and two sizes of acrylic hard line tubing (10/12mm and 10/14mm). Corsair is using acrylic and has chosen to avoid PETG.

Coolant (by Mayhems) is listed in clear, green, red, blue and purple at £15 a litre with Pastels due in the future. If you wish to switch to another brand/colour of coolant that should be OK. If your chosen coolant is currently compatible with hardware from the likes of Heatkiller it should be absolutely fine with Hydro X.

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