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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 Review


The be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4’s packaging could be very easily confused for the standard Dark Rock Pro 4’s box. The front of the box shows a clear picture of the cooler and there is a small logo indicating that the Dark Rock Pro TR4 is solely compatible with Threadripper.

Just as with The Dark Rock Pro 4, the TR4 version is rated for CPUs with up to a 250W TDP, and the rear of the box provides a more detailed set of dimensions for the cooler, which should help to ensure case compatibility.

Inside the box, we find the smaller accessories pack, with a number of installation guides in different languages. As the Dark Rock Pro TR4 only supports the TR4 socket there is significantly less mounting hardware included.


You do still receive a full second set of mounting wires for installing a third fan, a long be quiet! screwdriver which will be required during installation, as well as a 4-pin PWM splitter for connecting up the two fans. It’s nice to see that users get a decent amount of thermal compound, too, as you will need more for installation with a Threadripper CPU as the IHS is so large.

Elsewhere, the internal 135mm fan comes packaged separately – so it is not already installed onto the heatsink. This will actually speed up installation a bit as you need to access the central channel of the cooler during the mounting process, which would otherwise be blocked by a fan. Both fans also feature braided cables which is a nice touch.

The cooler as you would expect feels nice and solid, and is pretty hefty weighing in at 1.18KG. Just as with the non-TR4 version, the all black coating looks excellent, and as it has a ceramic additive, shouldn’t affect heat dissipation.

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