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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 Review

As the Dark Rock Pro TR4 is only compatible with the TR4 socket, there is only the necessary mounting hardware for TR4 – something which does speed up installation times.

As a backplate isn’t required you start with four black spacers, and slot them over the four threaded mounting pegs. You then install the two TR4 mounting brackets using the four included screws. It’s worth noting that each of the brackets is a different length as one designed for just above the socket, and one for below.


Thermal paste can then be applied (we chose not to use the paste included so that we can maintain some consistency with future TR4 cooler testing) and position the cooler above your CPU. There is a third metal bracket which needs to be passed through the centre of the cooler and lined up with the two available mounting holes. The screws are affixed to the bracket with a couple of rubber washers so they don’t fall out, which is also helpful.


At the top of the cooler are two removable pegs, which can be unscrewed to allow access to the top bracket, and the included screwdriver can then be used to pass straight through the centre of the cooler. With everything firmly mounted in place, you can then re-attach the 135mm fan.

Overall, installation is pretty easy going, there are fewer steps required as a backplate isn’t needed. As users only receive just the mounting hardware required, if you’re left with any spares after installation then you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

In terms of RAM clearance, there is about 4.5cm which should be perfectly suitable for low profile memory. It’s also good to see that the cooler features a cut-out both at the front and back, so nothing should come into contact with your memory slots. Clearance is fine for low profile memory, but the Geil Evo X RGB Ram typically used for testing on our Z170 platform measures just shy of 6cm, so it’s definitely worth checking this to ensure you can install all of your memory modules and in the correct slots.

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