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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 Review


All temperature charts are sorted with lowest load temperatures at the top.

Taking a look at Prime 95 first, at 3.4GHz the Dark Rock Pro TR4 performed pretty admirably – maxing out at 36.2 degrees and idling at 5.6. Even when overclocking to 4.0GHz, the absolute highest temperature recorded came in at 62.6 degrees, while our 1950X sat quite happy idling at 7.3 degrees.

With Cinebench we ran a number of passes of the multi-core test until temperatures stabilised. Max temperatures when overclocked did come in a little lower at 53.3 degrees. We also ran some single core passes, just see how the Dark Rock Pro TR4 would fare when the processor is not utilising all 32 threads, and we saw the 1950X top out at 23.3 degrees. Locked in at 3.4GHz we find lower temperatures still both for single and multi-core tests.

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