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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 Review

Moving on to Blender we can see that the temperatures sits basically in between our Prime 95 and Cinebench test results, with 59.3 degrees recorded when overclocked, and 34C with the processor at 3.4GHz. This is indicative of what you can expect in the real world given Blender is an instance of actual rendering, which the 1950X is perfectly suited for.

Audible noise was also recorded when our 1950X was running Prime at 4.0GHz, and even then, the Dark Rock Pro TR4 wasn’t really very audible with a peak of 44.4 dBa, so it’s certainly not irritating levels of noise. At idle and even under load when clocked at 3.4GHz it was quieter still, and really only audible with my head pressed right up against it.

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