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Intel announces i9-13900KS with 6GHz Turbo Clock

Intel first debuted a ‘KS' version of its flagship chip with the i9-9900KS back in October 2019, and we also saw the i9-12900KS only last year. Now, the tech giant has quietly announced the i9-13900KS, claimed to be the first desktop processor offering 6GHz speeds out of the box.

The formula for Intel's KS SKUs is fairly simple – take the existing flagship, crank up the power slightly and add a bit of extra frequency…and things are no different for the i9-13900KS. It's fundamentally the same silicon as the i9-13900K, but with a 25W increase to the base power, and 200MHz bump to the max turbo boost frequency.

That of course brings its boost clock up to 6GHz, and Intel briefly showed the CPU hitting that frequency on two cores in its sneak-peek video that went live yesterday.

Of course, 6GHz ‘max turbo clock' theoretically only applies to one core, but thankfully Hardware Unboxed has already reviewed this CPU. They observed an all-core frequency of just under 5.5GHz with the 13900KS during Cinebench R23, with power averaging 280W package as per HWInfo. In comparison, the 13900K delivered an all-core speed of just over 5.3GHz, but with similar power, which Hardware Unboxed claims saw the 13900KS come in just 3% faster.

The Intel i9-13900KS is available to buy right now from Overclockers UK, listed at £689.99 HERE. OCUK is currently selling the 13900K for £629.99 HERE, and the 13900KF for £599.99 HERE.

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KitGuru says: Intel claims it's the fastest desktop processor on the market, but at £690, will you be buying one?

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