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Intel socket LGA1200 expected to retain same dimensions as LGA115x

With 2020 fast approaching, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer until we get to see Intel’s 10th generation mainstream desktop processors and LGA1200 equipped motherboards featuring the new 400 series chipset from the CPU giant.

Just recently, some interesting information has appeared about the new LGA1200 desktop socket from Intel. Current users of high-end cooling systems for current Intel LGA115x platforms will be happy to learn that they should be compatible with the LGA1200 socket when it arrives.

According to momomo_us on Twitter, a leaked CAD drawing of the new LGA1200 socket appears to show dimensions of socket LGA1200 that are virtually identical to the current LGA115x design. This means current LGA115x coolers will, at the very least, physically fit the new LGA1200 socket platform.



However, something worth noting is that although current cooling solutions may fit the Intel LGA1200 socket, users must be aware that the new 10th generation processors, especially the flagship Core i9-10900K, will produce a higher TDP compare to previous generations. So even if your current cooler does fit, it may not have the thermal dissipation capacity to cool the 10th generation CPU line up.

Intel is set to debut socket LGA1200 along with its next 10th generation “Comet Lake” mainstream desktop processors and motherboards including the company’s 400 series chipset in the first half of 2020, so expect more information to appear in the coming months.

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KitGuru says: If this information turns out to be correct, then it’s great news for enthusiasts looking to upgrade to the new platform while retaining their current CPU cooling solution, especially for those with expensive high-end custom cooling systems.

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