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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility now supports upcoming Alder Lake processors

In the latest release of Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, the company added enhanced support for Alder Lake processors, expanding support for DDR5 memory, hybrid core architectures, and more.

According to the patch notes for the latest Extreme Tuning Utility version, the application now supports a slew of features and technologies used by Alder Lake. As per the patch notes, the application will now support per-core OC and both Performance and Efficient core architectures, suggesting that overclocking each core should be possible.

The complete list of patch notes is as follows:

  • Added support for hybrid Performance and Efficient core architecture
  • Added support for Intel Speed Optimizer
  • Added real-time memory timings support
  • DDR5 support
  • Added per-core OC TVB support
  • Added package OC TVB support
  • Added VF Curve support
  • Removed BCLK UI control
  • Added HWBot integration for Benchmark 2.0
  • Removed HWBot integration for Benchmark 1.0

In related Alder Lake news, the Lenovo China gaming desktop product planning manager, also known as Wolstame (via HXL), shared a screenshot showing an undisclosed CPU running AIDA64's stress test. According to the screenshot, the processor's temperature averaged 86ºC, with 248W of power consumption, and peaked at 93ºC, with 255W of power consumption.

Although we can't confirm which CPU is this, its power consumption leads us to believe it's one of Alder Lake K series processors, which is said to have a 241W PL2.

KitGuru says: If Intel Extreme Tuning Utility supports per-core OC for Intel Alder Lake CPUs, you should be able to do the same through other apps or the BIOS too. 

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