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Intel might continue its CPU price cuts throughout this year

It's rumoured that Intel might continue to cut the prices of its CPUs to battle AMD's own aggressive product pricing. These price cuts could be related to the previous rumour that Intel had allegedly planned to use $3 billion in funds to fight the competition.

Intel is known for keeping price cuts to a minimum, but that wasn't the case in the last couple of years. The recently released 10th Gen Intel Core X series was made available worldwide at a much lower cost than its predecessors in the CPU market. This price cut made Intel's flagship CPU i9-10980XE be launched at half the price of the i9-9980XE when it was released.

According to a Digitimes report (via Guru3D), Intel's plan is divided into phases. At first, the company will sell its CPUs at a reduced price to its OEM partners. This means that laptops and desktops sold by brands like Asus, HP, Acer, and so on will probably get a price reduction. The plan is slated to be executed at H2 2020.

There are no details regarding the rest of the plan, but if it's divided into different phases, this price reduction might come to every consumer at a later date.

If these price cuts are true, there's a chance that it will affect the prices of the upcoming Intel architectures, such as the 14nm Comet Lake-S CPUs, the 14nm Cooper Lake-SP and the 10nm Ice Lake-SP. Although rumoured for an April 2020 release, the Comet Lake-S launch date isn't defined yet, but Intel might wait to see how the consumers react to its launch before reducing its prices. Regarding the other architectures, they are rumoured to launch at the same period that the price cuts could be made, so there's a chance that it will affect their launch prices too.

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