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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep13) – More Intel 12th Gen CPUs to Come

We have seen the ‘K’ suffix Core i9, Core i7, and Core i5 12th Gen processors from Intel, but that will not be the entire stack. In this one, Leo and Luke discuss the other possible upcoming 12th Gen processors and look at some of the parts that could be value champs taking the place of the Core i5-10400F and 11400F of yesteryear. We also digress on how bad Intel's naming scheme continues to be!


00:00 Start
00:15 More Intel processors to come!
03:15 Naming discussed – Leo suggestions
05:58 i5 12400/F
07:05 CES launches?
07:45 other chipsets?
12:01 Pentium G7400 2 core/4 thread
13:06 Core i5 stack
14:40 Closing Thoughts

We start with Leo being trolled:

  • It’s basically obligatory at this point, isn’t it?!

More Intel 12th Gen processors to come:

  • Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K, Core i5-12600K are out in the wild
    • Along with their KF siblings
  • Plenty more products to come
    • Non-K parts, lower-end chips such as Core i3, and even a Pentium
  • But those lower-end parts are not Intel’s hybrid architecture
    • Even the non-K Core i5 chips have no Efficiency cores!
  • Intel really has greyed the water with what is a Core i9 or Core i7 or Core i5 in the past few generations

Intel had an opportunity to fix its naming scheme…

  • But they added more confusion instead
  • ‘K’ suffix used to mean unlocked multiplier for overclocking
    • Now it also highlights whether or not a chip has efficiency cores
    • That’s just needlessly confusing, once again
  • Should Intel start using Core i4 or Core i6 or Core i8?
    • Perhaps to indicate an omission of Efficiency cores for example?
  • Different Core i5 chips have different integrated graphics versions
    • That’s without even considering the ‘F’ suffix parts that do not have an iGPU
  • What is a 12th Gen Core i5 when you see it advertised by an OEM builder or on TV?
  • Could the 4C/8T Core i3 be a new low budget champ?
  • Intel’s naming scheme has been really bad for consumers for at least a couple of generations

Core i5-12400/F looks to be an upcoming winner:

  • Six core, 12 threads, decent clocks, reasonable cache
    • That looks to be a winner like the Core i5-10400F and Core i5-11400F from yesteryear
  • This will be a tough competitor versus the far more expensive Ryzen 5 parts
    • Especially the cheaper Ryzen 5 3000 options

CES 2022 for these new processors?

  • January 2022 release date according to the rumours
  • We’d imagine CES makes a lot of sense for these lower-end processors
    • As well as the non-K parts in the stack

New, lower-price chipsets are surely coming soon:

  • A cheap chip inside an expensive Z690 motherboard makes little sense
  • Will we see a ‘unicorn’ DDR5+DDR4 motherboard?
  • The cheaper chipsets will likely support DDR4 primarily in our opinion
  • And the lower-end chipset motherboards have been increasingly appealing in previous generations
    • That is thanks to Intel’s improved native memory speed support
    • As well as limited overclocking headroom even on the K SKUs
  • 4x M.2 SSDs alongside your $100 processor sound good?!
  • How many SATA drives do you still use?
    • HDDs? SSDs? ODDs?
    • And would you simply upgrade to a fewer number of large drives if your motherboard reduced its SATA port count?
  • Leo reminds Luke of his unfortunate SSD failure on his server recently
    • When SSDs fail, they fail!
    • There’s very little warning, and getting the data back is a thankless task!

Pentium G7400:

  • How does a dual-core, four-thread processor sound in today’s market?
    • We are actually struggling to see reasonable use cases to consumers
  • Maybe office PCs will use this hidden gem…?
  • Or maybe laptops, phones, and anything ARM make this pointless?

The cheap Core i5 chips will be of particular interest:

  • With an inherent lack of Ryzen 3 competition, the cheap Core i5 chips have an opportunity to clean house
    • Especially with an iGPU that could tide you over until the graphics card market is fixed
  • You can finally buy Ryzen 3 3000 series after dreadful availability since the 2020 launch
    • But these new Core i5s are likely to kill the appeal of those
  • We are looking forward to seeing these new Core i5s alongside a sensibly priced motherboard

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KitGuru says: CES 2022 should deliver more information on the 12th Gen product stack. Are there any particular lower cost options that interest you and could put AMD under increasing pressure?

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