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Our first look at Intel Core i7-8700K performance is here

The leaks are continuing to roll in for Intel's upcoming 8th generation desktop processors. Last week word of an October 5th launch date began circulating and now, the first Core i7-8700K benchmark scores have leaked, giving us a good idea of the performance to expect from Intel's first 6-core CPU on a mainstream platform.

This latest leak comes from Karl Morin, a French speaking tech YouTuber based on Montreal. Over the weekend, he attended a HWBot event and managed to come across a HP Omen PC already equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700K. Naturally, the first thing Morin did was run Cinebench and some CPU-Z multi-threaded and single-threaded tests to get the scoop on performance.

In the Cinebench R15 run, the Core i7 8700K scored 1230 points on the multithread test and 196 points for single core performance while running at 3.7GHz. By comparison, our Core i7 7700K review shows the Kaby Lake chip scoring 983 points in the same multithread test while running at 4.5GHz. In single threaded performance, Kaby Lake essentially matches the new 8700K, with a single-core score of 195 points.

In Morin's CPU-Z tests, the Core i7 8700K scored 13,680 points in the multithread test and 2345 in the single thread one.  You can see the full video of the tests being run over on Morin's Facebook page.

We don't know what clock speeds Intel plans to ship its Coffee Lake desktop processors with, so we could end up seeing some improvements in that area by the time launch rolls around. Either way if you are planning a new PC build at the moment, it seems worth it to hold off a little bit longer to see how Coffee Lake fares in reviews.

KitGuru Says: AMD's success with Ryzen seems to have spurred Intel along at this point. Coffee Lake is going to roll in less than a year after Kaby Lake landed on the desktop with higher core counts than before. In my opinion, that is a clear sign that AMD struck a nerve over at Intel this year, sparking competition once again. 


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