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Nvidia to cut price of GeForce GTX 770 to fight Radeon R9 285

Based on previous reports, Nvidia Corp.’s next-generation GeForce GTX 960 graphics card is over a month away from its launch. However, the company needs to respond to the release of AMD’s Radeon R9 285 graphics board somehow. According to a media report, the GPU designer decided to significantly cut the price of its GeForce GTX 770 in order to maintain market share.

At present Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 costs around $325 – $350 in the U.S., which is considerably higher compared to reference AMD Radeon R9 285 graphics cards, which retail for $249. In order to respond to both the Radeon R9 285 and the incoming Radeon R9 285X, Nvidia plans to cut the price of the GTX 770 to around $275, which is on par with prices of factory-overclocked Radeon R9 285 solutions, reports TechPowerUp.

The GeForce GTX 770 is essentially an improved version of the 2.5 years old GeForce GTX 680 graphics board with 1536 stream processors, 128 texture units, 32 raster output units and 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory bus. While the solution is clearly somewhat outdated, it still delivers solid performance that is at least on par with the Radeon R9 280X.


Without any doubts, the GeForce GTX 770 is a very strong rival for the Radeon R9 285. The solution used to compete successfully with much more powerful Radeon HD 7970/Radeon R9 280X graphics boards, so if Nvidia’s partners really drop the price of the GTX 770 to $275, AMD will have to reconsider its strategies regarding prices.

Back in the second quarter of 2014 the total available market of standalone graphics cards decreased to 11.5 million units, according to Jon Peddie Research. AMD’s quarter-to-quarter total desktop add-in-board unit shipments decreased 10.7 per cent, whereas Nvidia’s quarter-to-quarter unit shipments decreased 21 per cent, JPR claims. Nonetheless, Nvidia continued to hold a dominant market share position at 62 per cent. Based on these numbers, AMD should get more aggressive with its prices to win market share from its rival.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: If Nvidia plans to drop the price of the GeForce GTX 770 to $275 right now, then the actual rival for the Radeon R9 285 – the GeForce GTX 960 – is still pretty far away from the market. The likely price of the GeForce GTX 960 is $249. Given that the prices of the GTX 770 and 760 seem to be similar this may mean that their performance will not be too different too…

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  1. Will the gtx780 drop the price when the 900’s come?
    And whats the price estimated to the 900’s?

  2. Most likely yes, and we’ll find out on the 18th

  3. Etienne Boutet boucher

    I wonder how much the gtx 760 will be then.

  4. So.. I was actually planning to upgrade my system to one of these until a friend of mine said to wait because of price drops.When should I expect these price drops, and where (what website) should I buy them at?

  5. That’s what I’m wondering too, have my eye on the MSI GTX760 4GB

  6. Kitguru your synopsis at the end is right on mark. The 960 is a ways off, and won’t be that big of bump (we’ll know how well Maxwell efficiency scales up before that). Although I don’t know of the $250 price. If they best a GTX770 I’d figure $300 USD or more. Is the 960 going to be based on the same GPU die as the 970/980 or is there something between GM204 and a GM107?

  7. It will go EoL long before that.

  8. Liam Steve Rushmer

    ill secnod that, im planning on upgrading soon, WE NEED a price drop date!

  9. Are the reference design with the green gtx logo still avail, cant find them anywhere?

  10. I just picked up a gtx 760 a few days ago for $199 on the river. (gigabyte windforce)
    I got my first one almost a year ago. 760s in SLI will have to hold me a while. I am years from going 4k display so I’m not worried.

  11. I’d say soon, they’re going to do at the same time, or before the release of 900 Series desktop GPUs and they’re right around the corner.