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AMD preps Radeon R9 380X with fully-fledged “Tonga” GPU

Advanced Micro Devices is reportedly working on a new graphics card based on its code-named “Tonga” graphics processing unit. The Radeon R9 380X will be powered by the fully-fledged GPU with all stream processors activated. Performance of the product will be similar to that of the Radeon R9 280X. The …

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AMD’s price-cuts do not help to re-capture market share from Nvidia

Advanced Micro Devices and its partners significantly dropped prices on select AMD Radeon R9-series graphics cards following the launch of Nvidia Corp.’s GeForce GTX 900-series “Maxwell” products in September. Unfortunately, the price-cuts do not help AMD to re-capture market share from its arch-rival, according to a financial analyst. “In line …

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AMD: We have not cut prices of GPUs, partners run promotions

We looked here and asked there to bring you everything you need to know about AMD Radeon R9 price reductions and promotions. Last week it was reported that Advanced Micro Devices and its partners among suppliers of graphics cards reduced prices of AMD Radeon R9-series graphics adapters in a bid to …

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AMD slashes prices of Radeon R9 graphics cards

Advanced Micro Devices has cut down the official recommended prices of its Radeon R9 graphics cards to better compete against Nvidia Corp.’s recently introduced GeForce GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards. Starting from now on, the Radeon R9 290X will cost $399 (down from $549), whereas the Radeon R9 290 …

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Radeon R9 285X ‘Tonga XT’ could feature 2048 SPs, 384-bit memory

Advanced Micro Devices yet has to unveil its Radeon R9 285X graphics card known as the code-named “Tonga XT”, but certain unofficial sources indicate that the new graphics solution could offer much higher performance than originally thought. The code-named Tonga graphics processing unit from Advanced Micro Devices seemed to be …

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Nvidia to cut price of GeForce GTX 770 to fight Radeon R9 285

Based on previous reports, Nvidia Corp.’s next-generation GeForce GTX 960 graphics card is over a month away from its launch. However, the company needs to respond to the release of AMD’s Radeon R9 285 graphics board somehow. According to a media report, the GPU designer decided to significantly cut the …

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